Male. Female. Diverse. Old. Young. Corpulent. Thin. White. Black. Something in between. Doesn’t matter.

As long as you’re qualified, dedicated, and have booth feet firmly on the ground and your head in the game. Equal pay has always been a matter of course for us and doesn’t require negotiation. So, come to Bubenreuth and discover the countryside! Never heard of it? No, it’s not because you didn’t pay attention in school. At your first interview, we’ll be happy to tell you about what links Keith Richards, Paul McCartney, Kim Kardashian, Kayne West, Vivian Westwood, and Kate Moss with this little town in the Franconian province.

Speaking of little towns, Erlangen is just two minutes away on the S-Bahn. A small big city that time and time again has managed to secure a place at the top in German city rankings in terms of quality of life and economic power. A lot of university and very global and international for a city of this size. Admittedly, rent is pretty expensive here, but we’ll do what we can to help you find an apartment.

Apart from that, we have plenty of work. Due to COV-19, rather more than less.

ICT Editor

You successfully completed an internship in the field of PR or specialized journalism following your studies. Ideally, you have gained a year or two of career experience at an agency that specializes in B2B communication or in a specialized editorial department – preferably in an ITC environment. Alternatively, you’ve successfully completed training or a degree course as technical editor and would like to enter the press and marketing sector after your first years of professional experience.


PR Trainee

We offer you thorough, well-founded training for a period of 24 months. Live on site or via teams in home office according to social distancing rules – depending on what’s possible or not. During the trainee program, you learn to write appropriately based on the media and client briefing, understand the client’s sector and how the media work, organize your working environment, and manage smaller projects more and more independently.

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